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16./ Ladder Standings And Finals


(a) Positions on the ladder shall be determined by points.

(b) In the event of points being equal, percentage of games won shall be next considered and if that is still equal, the percentage of sets won shall be considered next. If everything is still equal at the end of the Home and Away matches, the position on the ladder will be determined by the match results between the teams involved.

(c) After the completion of all Home and Away matches the first four teams in each section shall play off for the premiership of that particular section. Finals are to be played as follows:

(i) 8 Team Section: (Regular Finals Series)

First Semi-Final: First team versus Second team

Second Semi-Final: Third team versus Fourth team

Preliminary Final: First Semi-Final Loser plays Second Semi-Final Winner

Grand Final: First Semi-Final Winner plays Preliminary Final Winner

(ii) 6 Team Section: (Knock-out Final Series)

First Semi-Final: First team versus Fourth team

Second Semi-Final: Second team versus Third team

Grand Final: First Semi-Final Winner plays Second Semi-Final Winner

(d) For all Final matches, a 12 point tie-breaker (Eg: 7-3) shall be played when sets are at six games all.

(e) The Executive shall arrange finals and the courts on which they are to be played. Two courts are to be allocated for each match where possible and/or practicable.

(f) The hosting venue is to provide balls & collect all ball money

(g) Home team to determine court surface for Grand Finals.  Record Secretary will determine venue if courts are unplayable or too many home teams playing in Grand Finals.

(h) All finals matches shall commence play by 7.30p.m. All players must be in attendance and ready to play prior to that time. The club at which the match is to be played shall have the court open and available for play from 7.00p.m.

Failure to do so will incur for the club whose courts are not open a fine in accordance with Bylaw 19(c).

(i) In the event of a drawn finals match, each team captain shall exchange an undisclosed pair to play one additional and deciding set, to a twelve (12) point tie-breaker if the games reach six (6) all. Note: In Mixed Competition the pairs shall be Mixed.

(j) For whatever reason a Finals match cannot be finished on the scheduled date, play shall be continued from where it was left off at the same venue and normal starting time the following week. Opposing team captains may agree to reconvene the match at a suitable date, time and venue within 7 days of the abandoned match. Note: Record Secretary must be advised of any washouts or schedule alterations.

(k) Where the opposing captains are unable to agree on a suitable time and date to resume the match, it will be decided by the Executive and both teams will be required to abide by the Executive's decision.

(l) If the Grand Final can not be completed by the start of the next season then

“No Winner” will be awarded.